Frequently Asked Questions.
Who looks after the common area and our cottages when we are away?
The development has one entrance, roadways common green spaces will be maintained by the strata management and maintenance of your personalcottage is offered as an option.
Where do we go for shopping and convenience items?
Creston is the closest center with full shopping, service and is 20 minutes south of the development.
What about the beach, boat facilities?
The beach is public access and is a short level walk from any of the lots, it is sandy and probably one of the best on kootenay lake, the boat launch is private only for owners.
What is the water supply for the lots?
The village has a new state of the art water treatment facility which supplies all the lots assuring safe quality and adequate volume.  All services are at the lot line underground for clean astetics as well water storage for fire protection within the village.

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Twin Bays Village, Kootenay Lake
Imagine being a stone's throw away from B.C's third largest natural lake.